Meet our General Sales Manager, Peder Jensen

 The Jones Company of TN, Peder Jensen and Family

How many years have you worked in new home industry? 16     

How long have you been with Jones?  Since January 2006   

Why did you choose this business?  I have a passion for construction and specifically homebuilding.  This started when I was a very small child and I loved working with my hands building things.              

How did you end up in this industry? A guidance counselor in high school suggested I look into construction management rather than simply being a carpenter and a pig farmer.  One thing led to the next and here I am in homebuilding.

Where are you originally from?   Iowa      

Name of College: University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio

Degree Received: Bachelor of Science – Construction Management; Associate of Science – Civil & Construction Engineering

Major: Construction Management       

Describe your past work experiences.  Please include what you were doing before The Jones Company:  I started out in January of 2006 as an Area Construction Manager handling the construction and warranty portion of the business.  I am the “licensed general contractor” for the TJC and thoroughly enjoy new home construction.  In 2009 our Division President Richard Chapman asked me to start managing the sales team in lieu of the construction team.  So I went out and got my real estate license and put on a suit instead of my blue jeans and boots.  What a change for me – my wife hardly recognized me the first week.  It is a pleasure working with general Realtors and our entire sales team as we promote the incredible Jones Company. Before TJC I worked for Centex Homes in Dallas, Texas.  I started out as a builder and worked my way up to a area manager position handling sales and construction for the high end condominium division called City Homes where we specialized in downtown re-development in Dallas and Fort Worth.
 During my college years I worked for a commercial general contractor MAC Construction as a superintendent for four years.  This was a great learning opportunity for me to understand the difference between commercial construction and residential home building.  It helped make my decision that homebuilding truly is my passion.            

Why did you want to work for Jones? I wanted to get a way from the “public” builder mentality where they worried more about the stock price and cared NOTHING about the value of their homes or the quality of construction presented for their customer.   

Describe your best experience or nicest compliment received from a homeowner.  The best experience I have ever had was when I built a home for Chris Snyder in Allen, Texas.  He met with me at the pre-construction meeting and explained that he did not want to see the house during construction, talk to me during the process, or even conduct a new home presentation.  He simply said when the house is 100% finished call me and I will close and move in.  His explanation was that he doesn’t get to see how his car , computer, furniture, etc. is built so why should he see how his home is built.  Nor did he like having his customers watching over his back while he was working on their product.  He simply asked me “Are you a building professional?  If so, then build me a home that I will be satisfied with.”  I diligently focused on the construction of his home and once it was finished he moved in.  Amazingly he NEVER even had a single warranty item.  I spoke with him about five years after his purchase and he was still raving about his home and how it was exactly what he wanted.   

 What is your personal philosophy that guides your work? (i.e., A job worth doing is worth doing right.)   Hard work combined with a lot of fun!  Constantly learning something new and focusing on building value for the customer.