Partnering with Hands on Nashville to give back to our community

Giving back is an incredibly crucial part of the Jones Company mission, which is why we’re thrilled to be partnering with Hands on Nashville as part of Jones’ 90th birthday celebration. Since starting the Jones Company in 1927 – yes, 90 years ago! – the team has always worked with an eye to the community. We’ve worked hard to give back to the throughout the years.  

While It’s clear that the Nashville community is vibrant and growing, there are also individuals and families who need some neighborly assistance to succeed. Hands on Nashville is an admirable organization that, among many other programs, offers an energy efficiency program to low-income homeowners.

The idea is to help these homeowners with their energy bills while also taking steps to lessen their home’s environmental impact and increase its value. Hands on Nashville also offers programs that promote urban agriculture, create cleaner waterways, and lots more, which is why we feel so grateful to be able to partner with them on this energy efficiency initiative, and make an positive impact in such a thriving community.

Since starting the program in 2011, Hands on Nashville has helped homeowners save an estimated $275,000 in energy bills. Estimates suggest that many Nashville homeowners are burdened by high housing costs, putting more than the recommended 30 percent of their income towards housing.

By installing better attic insulation, window seals, low flow water faucets, LED lighting, and more, the Jones Company and Hands on Nashville will help homeowners cut back on their energy expenditures; that’s good for their wallet and for the environment!

But the partnership with Hands on Nashville goes way beyond the energy program. In addition to giving back for every home sold in 2017, as a contribution towards the program’s expenses, we’re also serving as volunteers with Hands on Nashville’s other programs like Safe Haven, Operation Stand Down, and Second Harvest Food Bank. These organizations serve the homeless community, veterans, and those that need food assistance in the Nashville area.

Being a community means doing things together, as neighbors. By partnering with Hands on Nashville, we hope to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those who deserve it most, while uplifting the Nashville community as a whole.