5 Design Tips to Manage Fall Clutter

When it comes to tips and tricks for creating a more organized life, most recommendations fall short in one key area: sustainability. The most important factor to consider if you’re trying to inject a bit of organization into your hectic life is, “Will this become a habit?”

By designing your home better, you can easily make certain habits a part of the natural flow of your life. We connected with our design expert, Jenn Chapman, to gather some design-focused ideas on how to spruce up your home to make the change of seasons a less stressful time for you and your family. Fall is a busy time, so give one or a few of these tips a try and help calm the chaos of autumn!

1. Design a simple style.

“Take a look at our new model home at Ladd Park, the Madison, with its clean lines and styling. Less is more with this fresh new look” says design expert Jen Chapman.
“Take a look at our new model home at Ladd Park, the Madison, with its clean lines and styling. Less is more with this fresh new look” says design expert Jenn Chapman.

By creating a simple, yet stylish space, you can immediately make your home feel more calm and collected, which will reflect on your mood. Useless decorative items are just dust collectors, and the “look” these days is pretty simple and spare, so ditch the clutter and enjoy less dusting!

2. Centralize family operations.

“The Jones Company has developed some great “Family Center" spaces in their floorplans” - Jen Chapman
“The Jones Company has developed some great “Family Center” spaces in their floorplans” – Jenn Chapman

A “family hub center” is a great way to keep all the daily clutter of life, such as backpacks, shoes, equipment, and the like from making its way throughout your home. Designing a simple shelving system with baskets or buckets is often all you need to keep everyone’s own belongings organized smartly. The rear entryway or mudroom is an ideal location.

3. Inspire some independence.

Snag a rolling cart with 5 drawers, and label each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Then, make it part of the Sunday afternoon routine to put a complete outfit in each drawer. That way, the kids can just grab and go, instead of asking you for help finding their favorite shirt on Monday morning.

4. Simplify your own morning routine.

We all have those essential toiletries that we use every single day without fail. Instead of leaving them out on the counter, gather them all up and put them in a tidy basket, then place that basket under the sink. You can take it out when you need it and put it away when your done, making your routine easier and keeping your countertops free of messes.

5. Disguise clutter-prone zones.

Everyone’s family has a natural rhythm, and part of that is having spots in the house that just tend to accumulate “stuff.” Instead of trying to disrupt this natural order, use it to your advantage by adding some designed flair and placing decorative bins and baskets there. That way, your family can still use the space, but the clutter will be kept from immediate view.

We hope one or a few of these tips sticks in your household, and makes your life a bit easier as we make our way into the Fall season! For more design ideas in your new Nashville home, take a peek at some of our home interiors in the photo gallery, explore our neighborhood videos and don’t forget to sign up to become a Jones VIP!