Are potential homebuyers finally figuring out that it’s a BUYER’S MARKET?

We saw a definite uptick in traffic and sales in May. The jury’s still out on June, but we’re definitely seeing more walk in traffic.  What does it mean?  Anyone can speculate on that answer, but I think that buyers are finally getting the message that the longer they wait for the bottom, the higher the chance that mortgage rates will climb and they’ll miss their golden opportunity!  Plus, the $8000 tax credit for new homebuyers certainly doesn’t hurt! 

By now, in this market…we’ve heard just about every objection you can imagine…just as most homebuilders, I am certain.  However, we’ve tried to take away every road block, every concern, every objection that could possibly stand in the way of our potential clients and their new Jones home!  We’ve packaged all these great programs into one big one – and called it the “BUY NOW with CONFIDENCE” PlanTM. 

Some of the objections we’ve encountered:

OBJECTION: My current home needs work before I try to sell it, but I don’t know how to get that done, or how I will ever afford it!

ANSWER:  We’ve developed a program called “Set the Stage” where we will arrange for you to have a Professional Stager and Home Repair Specialist come to your current home, and advise you on ways to get your home sold. We’ve even arranged our repair techs to give you OUR COST pricing!

OBJECTION: I am afraid that the value of the home I buy will decline right after I sign the dotted line!

ANSWER:  The Jones Company’s PURCHASE PRICE GUARANTEE PROGRAM – We’ll actually guarantee, that if after 5 years of home ownership, your home has declined in value from its original sales price – we’ll pay you the difference – up to 10% of your home’s value! WOW.