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I love my Jones Home because…

Awesome testimonials from families living in our Barnes Bend Community located in lower Davidson County: “I almost Doubled my sq footage, and still pay 30% less on my power bill! Love, Love, Love it!” “We have a LOT more space, very roomie, comfortable. The plan (The Spruce) affords us a…

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Cake Vs. Icing?

I don’t know about you, but I like BOTH.  However, there is some distinction between cake and icing that should be made here.  I am not actually talking about literal cake and icing, but follow me on this analogy.    Say you get a fantastic-looking cake for your birthday…it’s iced,…

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Are potential homebuyers finally figuring out that it’s a BUYER’S MARKET?

We saw a definite uptick in traffic and sales in May. The jury’s still out on June, but we’re definitely seeing more walk in traffic.  What does it mean?  Anyone can speculate on that answer, but I think that buyers are finally getting the message that the longer they wait for…

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Define Your Shade – Introduction

When discussing this topic with consumers, the definitions for green are varied. Some say it is merely energy efficiency.Others think of high tech energy systems with plants on the roof and waterless toilets.A rare few think the whole thing is a hoax to charge more, which is rather ludicrous in…

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