Foxglove Farm at Ladd Park : New homes from the $543s in Franklin, TN


New Homes in Franklin, TN

From the $543s at Foxglove Farm at Ladd Park

Don't Wait! Limited Availability!!

NOW SELLING!  Foxglove Farm at Ladd Park, our newest Franklin community, is now open for sales – and features an entirely BRAND NEW COLLECTION of homes that will be UNIQUE to this community!  Plus, residents of Foxglove Farm will enjoy all of the amazing amenities that Ladd Park has to offer, such as walking trails, swimming pools, playgrounds, firepit, open spaces, and more!

Don’t wait…this is an exclusive opportunity, as Foxglove Farm has only 30 home sites.  Demand is great.  Be one of the first to select your home site and start LIVING JONES here at Foxglove Farm.  Make an appointment today (click the link below) to get your dream home started!

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Foxglove Farm at Ladd Park Sales Office Location

4006 Foxglove Farm Drive
Franklin, TN 37067


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Mon-Thurs: 10-5
Fri: 11-5
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Sun: 12-5


General Questions

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