We stand behind our homes

In-house Warranty Team

Unlike most builders who contract out their warranty service, The Jones Company has an in-house warranty team to service you after you close on your home.  Unlike outside warranty providers, we know your home, we know all the factors involved in building it, and we can better diagnose and fix any problems that may arise and can be there sooner. Every Jones home is backed by a one-year warranty on workmanship and materials and a 10-year guarantee on major structural components.

Service Request

If you have a warranty service request, please let us know by logging into your Homeowner Portal.

Warranty Request

Please notify us of ALL warranty items through The Jones Company Homeowner Portal.  

This portal is used to:

– Submit your Non-Emergency warranty service requests

– View your in-progress warranty service requests & status

– View your options & color/style selections

– Update your contact info

– Links to docs regarding your home & warranty

Homeowner Portal Website:  https://jtn.ihmsweb.com

STEP ONE: FIRST be sure to select the BRIGHT BLUE button for Home Buyers/Owners (pic#1)

NOTE: If you are within your 1-year warranty and do not have a login (you would have received it at closing) then you can contact [email protected] and ask for a login/password. In that e-mail, please include the following: Name, Community Name, Lot Number and/or Address.

The Homeowner Warranty Portal includes the following features:

– My Profile – Your name, address & contact information.

– My Community – General information.

– Warranty Service Request – Requesting warranty service is as easy as clicking the Warranty Service Request link, which allows you to enter a detailed description of your warranty issue and you can attach images if you want. All this information translates directly to the warranty department system, which can be retrieved instantly by our Warranty dept. Please make your issue as clear as possible so that assistance may be scheduled appropriately.

– My Selections – Options Selected and Color/Style Selections – your selections are listed here for reference.

– My Warranty List – You can view your open warranty service requests, which includes the entry date, vendor, warranty status, and description of issue.

– Additional Document links – Documents may be uploaded by The Jones Company that you would be able to view.

Please submit all warrantable 90 day & 11-month service requests thru this Homeowner portal.

All non-emergency warrantable service requests submitted between closing and 90 days will be held until the 90 day warranty service review timeframe (90-120 days after closing date). All non-emergency warrantable service requests submitted after the 90 day service period will be held to the 11-month warranty service review timeframe (11-13 months after closing date). When your 90 day or 11-month review timeframe is reached, the Warranty Department will call to schedule an appointment with you to discuss the warrantable service requests received.

All Mechanical Systems (HVAC, Plumbing & Electric): Call the contractor directly. The phone #’s are in the electric panel. Also submit non-emergency issues in the Homeowner portal so we have a record of it.

Emergency Phone Number after hours: TRUE EMERGENCIES ONLY. If HVAC, Plumbing or Electrical call those contractors directly (phone #’s are in the electric panel). The Jones Emergency number is: 615-349-6138

If HVAC, Plumbing, or Electrical call those contractors directly (see above).  The Jones Emergency number is: 615-349-6138

Emergency Examples:

  1. HVAC – Total loss of heat; Total loss of AC when temp outside is over 90 degrees.
  2. Plumbing – leak that requires the entire water supply to be shut off; total sewage stoppage.
  3. Electrical – total loss of electricity when no outage in the area; electrical sparks or shock at outlets/switches.
  4. Gas – strong gas smell (Call HVAC contractor for issue within the home; Call Gas Company for issue related to gas meter)

Common items NOT covered by warranty and deemed as the Homeowner responsibility:

  • Caulking (interior & exterior)
  • Regular service of mechanical systems
  • Painting (including after your one time drywall touch up)
  • Landscaping/Yard
  • Hardwood Dents/Scratches
  • Sealing of granite or tile

We look forward to being of service to you in your 1st year in your New Jones Home.

Thank you,

Your Jones Warranty Team