Demystifying the home building and buying process

Here at The Jones Company, we know that buying a new home is one of the biggest milestones you’ll reach during your life. This milestone isn’t achieved overnight, it’s a process that takes time. Our sales team is here to help you make the best decisions about your own new home and educate you about the building process that goes along with it. That’s why we’ve rounded up the most common misconceptions you’ve probably already heard about building a new home, but we also bring the truth behind the fiction. Jones-Inset-Blog-Post-Home-Building-Tips

Myth #1: Building a new home is difficult, complicated, and a lot of work

The facts:

Building a brand new home is a process, and involves multiple steps. Finding a builder who has perfected a systematically designed their processes in order to enhance their customer’s experience is key., if you go about it in a thoughtful way. One big way to debunk this myth for yourself is to work with a reputable builder with years of experience in the industry. The right builder can take an inherently complex process and break it down for you, helping you step by step all the way through, and eliminating a huge chunk of the stress that goes along with buying, selling, and moving.

Myth #2: Building a new home is expensive — and often prohibitively so

The facts:

Prices, especially in today’s market, are incredibly reasonable, and often times it makes far more financial sense in the long term to build new than it does to buy an existing home. With a new home, you get a space that is built to meet your specific needs, a warranty to protect from costly repairs, and you’re making an investment for your long term future. Also, building new means investing in the newest, energy-efficient technology in both your construction and appliances – so you’re actually saving money down the road.

Myth #3: There are just too many decisions

The facts:

Yes, building a new home means making some decisions about what you want, but when you build with an experienced builder, you have the benefit of leaning on a whole team of experts who have been through the process countless times, and can help you navigate these decisions with ease — and speed. We also have a great selection of organized and curated choices at our design studio to make selections easier.

Myth #4: I need a new home right now, and building something will take way too long

The facts:

It does take time to build a new home, that’s true — and as they say, anything worth having is worth waiting for. But in general, most homebuyers who work with an all experienced builder can have a much faster turnaround time than they initially expect. And, finding an existing home is no quick walk in the park either; factor in all the back and forth, the paperwork, and of course the search itself, and finding something that works for you that’s already on the market can be a lot harder than you think.

Myth #5: Building new limits the locations where I can live

The facts:

If you choose a company, like the Jones Company, that has a history of building in a particular area — like middle Tennessee! — you’ll be surprised to find just how many site choices you’ll have to pick from. Plus, these middle Tennessee new home locations are situated in communities that provide great culture, amenities, and a convenient location to excellent area schools and business hubs.

Building new can seem intimidating at first, but with a little knowledge and some guidance from an experienced builder like us, you’ll be shocked at just how smooth the process can be! If you’re looking for a new home in the Nashville market, check out some of our communities and floorplans to find out which one is right for your family.

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