Discover the Perks of Being a New Home Realtor

With real estate in middle Tennessee continuing on its upswing, there’s no better time like the present for realtors to partner with us and share in our success. Since 1927, we’ve had the privilege of setting the home building bar high—not only in design and craftsmanship—but also in how we work with local realtors helping clients find a new home. When a preferred Jones realtor sells one of our Quick Move-In Homes, it’s a triple win for everyone involved: your client gets their dream home, you get a nice commission check, and for us, another great home is sold. Here are just a few more benefits of being a new home realtor with us!


Selling a Quick Move-In Home is easy money.

As one of our affiliate realtors put it, selling a Quick Move-In Home is an “easy, fast paycheck.” While the quality of our homes certainly speaks for itself, the fact is that our sales team goes above and beyond to make the home buying process smooth and seamless for both you and your client.


Steady stream of income with the Jones’ QUICK DRAW commission program.

One of the biggest draws for being in our network of realtors is that you receive payment for your hard work before closing. With our QUICK DRAW program, 50% of the sales commission is yours once these three criteria are met:

  1. The loan has been approved
  2. Construction deposits are paid in full
  3. All contingencies are removed
  4. Start order completed

You’ll receive the other half upon closing. Those already taking advantage of our QUICK DRAW program appreciate the ability to have a steadier stream of income instead of inconsistent, large lump sums at the end.


You’re partnering with a homebuilding company with nearly 90 years of experience.

Our business practices are as solid as the foundations we build, so it’s no surprise we continue to be an awarding winning homebuilder decade after decade. When you’re with us, you’re in capable hands with our sales and support staff every step on the way.


A new Jones homeowner is a happy homeowner.

As a homebuilder relying on our partnering realtors, we understand the value of a referral. We’re confident in the quality and craftsmanship that goes in to each and every home, and we’ve come to see over the years that with each new Jones homeowner, you’ll gain a client who will gladly refer friends and family to the realtor that helped them find their dream home.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a new home Realtor with us. With so many perks to become part of the Jones family, you’ll wish you had joined us sooner. From our convenient, flexible commission payouts to decades of experience and thousands of happy homeowners, we look forward to having new realtors partnering with us in 2016. Get in touch with us to learn more.