I love my Jones Home because…

Awesome testimonials from families living in our Barnes Bend Community located in lower Davidson County:

  • “I almost Doubled my sq footage, and still pay 30% less on my power bill! Love, Love, Love it!”
  • “We have a LOT more space, very roomie, comfortable. The plan (The Spruce) affords us a gorgeous layout for entertaining. Lots of light from the windows, huge closets. My favorite place is probably the front porch where I sit in the spring time to enjoy the cool breezes & greet our neighbor.”
  • “It fits our needs and lifestyle perfectly. It is truly an expression of us and we fit well in our home. Our friends and family are all very impressed and we get compliments on our home all the time!”
  • “Our family has enjoyed every aspect of our Jones home, from interactively working with the sales reps to get every amenity that would create our dream home, to working with the site manager to get adjustments made while they were building our home. We appreciated that we could get a base house and only add the items we wanted to include rather than settle for items already built into the price. We chose Jones Homes because of the floor plans which included basements and also the scenic views. We have been very pleased with The Jones Company and all they have done to make our dreams come true. “


To read more reviews from our Jones Company homeowners, click here:  http://www.livejones.com/Testimonials


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