Why You Should Become a Jones VIP

With the recent hustle and bustle of the Nashville home buying market, now is the perfect time to become a Jones VIP. Not sure why you should be a VIP? No worries – we’re here to help! First, you should know this: there’s really no downside. As a member of our VIP list, you’ll be kept up-to- date about new homes in the Nashville area that just might be your dream come true.

We’ve got lots of great insider knowledge to share with our VIPs. Still not sure? Here are the top three reasons you being a Jones VIP just makes sense.

Enjoy a variety of benefits as a Jones VIP!
Enjoy a variety of benefits as a Jones VIP!

1. Be first to know – about everything!

As a Jones VIP, you’ll be the first to get all of the best information, deals, and insights, some of which we never share on our website. You’ll also get exclusive early access before we let the general public in Nashville know what’s coming up, including invites to grand openings, newly available home sites, and exclusive offers on options and upgrades to make your custom home even better.

2. Grab the best deals first.

Who doesn’t love discounts? When you become a Jones Company VIP, you’ll get special discounts, first-dibs on sales and deals, and early-bird time to make the most of them. Many of these great deals can add up to thousands in savings, which can make a huge difference for you and your family.

3. Get design and maintenance tips you’ll actually use.

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or you’ve been working on your own homes for years, by signing up to be a Jones VIP, you’ll get a ton of tips and tricks from industry insiders and professionals on how to make sure your home stays up-to- date with current trends. Our VIPs get the inside scoop on decorating, repair, and increasing the value of their Jones homes. Learn how to make the most of your space, how to put special touches on your yard, or how to keep your home safe for kids and pets, plus lots more.

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There is absolutely no downside to becoming a Jones VIP, and with so many benefits to signing up, you’ll be glad you did. Take a look at our photos and videos, and see some of the many floorplans we build, the kind of beauty we create, and get the insider info our VIPs deserve.