Why Buy New

30 Seconds to Home with Jen Lucy

jen-lucySo you have made the decision.

You need a different place to live.

For whatever reason…maybe your family is growing? Maybe your family is down-sizing? Maybe you just need something that WORKS better for your needs?

You (and maybe your spouse) may have even done a lot of talking, researching, and possibly even STRESSING over what kind of home to buy, where you want to look, etc.

So while you are out there looking at your options, do not limit yourself to resale homes…take a moment and consider the possibilities of BUILDING or buying a new home that fits your needs perfectly!

Advantages to Choosing a Brand New Home

Did you know that you can BUILD a NEW home for close to the same price as buying a used home? When you purchase a new home – there are a lot of advantages that you might not realize…in addition to the fact that you can personalize your new home to fit the needs of your family, buying NEW means lower utility bills, no upfront fix up costs, and less maintenance costs! So…actually you SAVE money (and headaches) in the long run when you buy or build NEW!

There are many other advantages that you may have not thought about…to building a brand new home! When you build, you can get the whole HGTV experience without all the headaches of actually doing the renovation and customization yourself. With a new home, you get the ability to personalize your home from top to bottom! Don’t be intimidated by starting from scratch, though! You may not know this – but we already have a very diverse catalog of floor plans to choose from, and the our sales agents can walk you through the process so that finding a floor plan that’s perfect for your family – is a piece of cake!

How to Choose the Right Floor Plan for You

Think about what does not work for you in your current home and what you would love to have in the future and pick out the top three things. Take the time to look online at the builder web site. And do not be afraid to ask the on-site agent a lot of questions, because they are there to help you find your dream home!

From choosing the right floor plan, to picking out the latest in flooring, counter tops, and lighting, you can make your new home uniquely yours! And unlike re-modeling an existing home, you get to move in to your new home already finished without living amongst the chaos.

Energy Efficiency of New Homes

So you have learned about just a few of the advantages to buying a new home with Jones…but did you know that your new Jones home can actually SAVE you money?

A new Jones home, built with the energy efficient technology of today can save you up to 42% on your energy bills compared to home built as recently as 2006? You also might not know The Jones Company has been building our homes with an “energy efficient” mindset for years (even before it was required)…and we take even further steps than the average builder to make sure your home performs at its best!

We strive to go above and beyond by taking additional steps that you might not even SEE – behind the drywall of your home using some very common sense yet very powerful techniques to ensure the utmost in energy efficiency.

Things like:

  • Sealed Ductwork
  • Properly installed and sealed insulation
  • Plywood sheathing
  • Low E Windows

Get more details on all the ways that we strive to make your new home PERFORM better for you and your family.

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Still intimidated by the BUILDING process?

So you have learned some of the many advantages to new homes…but maybe the process of BUILDING a new home still intimidates you? Well do not fret, you can STILL buy a NEW home without starting from scratch! In addition to building personalized new homes for our clients who want to build from the ground up, we ALSO build some of our most popular floor plans from scratch before we have a buyer for them, and we call them “Quick Move In Homes.” These homes are often hand-picked by our sales agents based on what their customers are saying they would like to see. We go ahead and start the process on the house so that no matter what time frame you have to buy, we can help you find a new Jones home that you love!

So now that you know more about the advantages of buying NEW…be sure to talk directly to one of our very capable on-site sales agents in the neighborhood of your choice! They are always there to help, and can answer any of the questions you might still have about how EASY it is to buy a new home!

In today’s economy – which makes more sense – buying a NEW home, a resale (previously lived in) home?

Although often we hear people say that they think that a “previously lived in” home (called a “resale” home in our industry) should be the best VALUE when compared to buying a new home, there are many arguments to the contrary. Here are just a few of those arguments:

  1. Choice/Selection/Personalization – Your new home is the biggest investment you will ever make – Why Not Have Your Home, Your Way?
  2. Space – in addition to the typically more open floor plans found in newer homes – older homes don’t usually have the CLOSET or storage space that newer designs have.
  3. New Home Design – the latest, greatest floor plan designs accommodate how people live TODAY, not yesterday. For example – do you ever use your formal dining room??
  4. Less Maintenance – new homes have BRAND NEW operating systems, like plumbing, HVAC, etc…and usually don’t require maintenance until years down the road.
  5. Energy Efficiency – New Homes (specifically those by The Jones Company that are ENERGY STAR Certiifed and National Green Building Standard Certified) are typically somewhere in the neighborhood of 42%+ more efficient* on energy bills! *varies by house and lifestyle, of course
  6. Modern Conveniences – New homes have the latest new appliances, new windows, new product technologies, and are often built in locations near the latest and greatest of everything.
  7. New Homes are Built to CURRENT Codes – not the Codes of many years ago – meaning that some issues that could have been considered OK when it originally passed inspection – are now no longer acceptable building standards.
  8. WARRANTY – New Homes usually have a WARRANTY. Meaning – usually you have 1 year to address any issues that don’t seem right with your builder – and they will come and fix them for you. No hiring contractors. In addition, for up to 10 years (our warranty is 1-10) you have coverage on any STRUCTURAL items.
  9. Emotional Factor – The fact that you are the one and only person who’s ever lived in this home. It’s YOURS and yours alone…built for you…to your specifications.
  10. Healthier Indoor Environment – New, GREEN homes have healthier indoor air quality and can improve your family’s health – especially if they have issues with asthma, allergies, etc.
  11. PRICE – Although a new home may be slightly more on the front end – in the long run – you’ll save $ on energy bills, operating costs, and maintenance while you live there!
  12. TIME – Your time is valuable. Would you rather spend your weekends doing maintenance – or enjoying your new home?
  13. Enhanced Electrical Systems for today’s lifestyles – now that we all have computers, microwaves, etc…some of the electrical systems found in older homes are simply not sophisticated enough to handle today’s modern technology.

So, in conclusion: the choice is up to you, but above are more than 10 great reasons why “NEW” and “NOW” are smart choices!