Personalization has become the norm – and your NEW HOME should be no exception!

Personalization.  It’s the “hot new thing” in much of the consumer world.  You can personalize your phone case, you can personalize your beach bag, you can personalize your Converse tennis shoes, virtually anything!

But at The Jones Company, personalization has been central to who we are for decades.  Over the past 90+ years of building new homes, we get to see our homeowners customize their homes with upgrades that speak to their style and needs – by choosing from our vast array of pre-priced, curated upgrades and designer options. From details like flooring and trim work, to Pinterest-worthy gourmet kitchens, to luxurious spa-like bathrooms, there’s just an endless array of choices offered by Jones that can be used to truly make a home, yours (and maybe inspire your friends along the way).  Not all home builders offer this kind of personalization.

At Jones, we like to think that personalization is one of the things that makes building a New Jones Home so appealing.  Plus, the beauty of building with a production home builder who allows personalization (such as Jones) is that we like to think that while we offer a wide variety of GREAT choices – you aren’t inundated by choosing from every single product that is out there on the horizon…because that could be completely overwhelming…and you’d never be able to make the decisions that keep your home’s construction moving forward!  With Jones, you get the best of both worlds – personalization without the OVERWHELM that comes from a completely custom home building process.

As Nashville’s oldest family-owned private home builder, we’re here to give you a sampling of all the great features and upgrades available for your new home. This is your chance to discover how to customize your new Nashville area home to fit your lifestyle.

Extra Spaces

Flex space for a new homeowner is like a blank canvas. You get to decide what goes there based on how YOU want to use it. Love the outdoors? Then a sun room or covered living area like the one at The Pierce might be just what you need. Convert bonus space into a workout, media or hobby room. If your new home comes with a basement, take this opportunity to finish it the first time around.

Throughout the Home

Some of our new homeowners prefer to spread out the upgrades evenly across their home, adding accents and details for everyone to enjoy. When it comes to flooring, you’ll have the option to choose from a variety of tile, hardwoods and carpets—all ranging in quality and padding. Crown or cove molding is a simple, effective way to add a touch of elegance to every room in the house. With our spring promotion, you’ll even be able to upgrade the exterior elevation so your home looks the way you want it both inside and out. Get a glimpse at the Hickory II model photos here for even more inspiration.


Your kitchen is one of the most high-traffic rooms in your home, so it’s often one of the first our new homeowners pick to upgrade, that will give their home the wow factor. Many of our homeowners have chosen to change the aesthetics of the entire room with luxury cabinetry, granite countertops or stainless steel appliances. You’ll even have the option of changing the overall layout, such as extending the kitchen island to suit your needs. For ideas and inspiration, see how kitchen upgrades are brought to life in The Newcastle model home at Falls Grove.


Bathrooms are another common space our homeowners love to enhance. Perhaps its as simple as finding the right vanity fixtures to pull together the entire room, or maybe you want something that requires a bit more planning…like adding an additional bath upstairs for guests to use. Get inspiration for your bathroom upgrades from The Bierstadt model at Kelsey Glen.

Ready to get started?

If you like what you see here and want to know more, Request an appointment today to find out which upgrades and amenities are available in each of our great family friendly neighborhoods in Nashville.

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