What is LiveSmart? – Part 4

We at The Jones Company want to help you better understand what makes our homes outperform others. Over the next few weeks, we will discuss some of the practices we use when building your new home to make it live up to our standard of LiveSmart.

So, I know we talk a lot about “Living Smart.” Which may leave you wondering, “What the heck does that mean, anyway?” Well, typically when you hear us use that term, we are using one simple term, “LiveSmart” to better explain the entire (sometimes complicated) package of items – which includes all of the superior construction techniques that go into our homes, making them more energy efficient.  All of these combined techniques, when used together, result in a home that is not only tighter and better built, but simply OUTPERFORMS other homes when it comes to how the home functions as a system.

Here are just SOME of the ways that “LIVING JONES” equates with “LIVING SMART.”  You will see a common thread – control of air leakage – throughout many of these items, but there is more to energy efficiency than that alone.

SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUES (What makes us different than those other guys!)

10)    Spray Foam Insulation – We use spray foam insulation in areas where electrical wiring flows between walls, in order to reduce air leakage from/to non-conditioned spaces.  No other builder in this area does this.

11)    Solid vinyl, single ENERGY STAR® rated windows with LOW E glass – very few other builders in this area use Low E windows.  These windows are treated so that the window reflects the sun’s heat in the summer (rays come in at a higher angle), and absorbs the sun’s heat in the winter (when rays come in at a lower angle).

12)    Insulation properly installed behind tubs in secondary bathrooms – Many builders don’t even insulate behind fiberglass tubs in secondary bathrooms, but we make sure that not only do we schedule our trade vendors in such a manner that we can insulate this area, but also use a water vapor barrier in this area. This ensures that the tub isn’t a “cold spot” in the winter months.

These are just the beginning steps The Jones Company takes in building your new home! I can’t wait to share even more steps we take when building our homes over the next few weeks. Keep checking back for more LiveSmart techniques from The Jones Company.