What to expect when building a new home

Today’s home shoppers don’t want to build their new home with just anyone. In our technology-driven world, companies seem to come and go every day. That’s why looking for a builder with a good reputation is critical. Your home isn’t going to just “come and go” in a day, and your builder shouldn’t either.

With 90 Years experience in building communities, The Jones Company has a refined process that has successfully built homes for families since 1927. We’ve learned that communication, like in many things, is key. Building a new home takes time, and keeping all parties informed and in the loop leads to better outcomes all around.


At The Jones Company, here are the 4 key phases of our process:

Find your home:

Homeowners choose two big pieces of the homebuilding puzzle: their floorplan, and their location. At Jones, experts are on hand to help every step of the way, from helping to narrow which community and floor plan is right for your family, down to which options suit your lifestyle and budget best.

Design your home:

This is the fun part! Colors to cabinets, countertops to carpeting and everything in between; this is where the homeowner has an opportunity to dig in and design every facet of their future dream home.

Build your home:

After groundbreaking, it’s officially time to start building! From framing, to drywall, to carpet installation, see the Jones process come alive as your new home comes together. At various points in this stage , you’ll be provided with updates on the progress of your new home. Once you’re invited to join the building team for a walk through, you’ll have the chance to assess progress first hand and see how things are moving forward. Your community sales manager and personal builder will update you on the progress of your home weekly so that you are always in the know!

Move in:

Time to hand over the keys — welcome home!

Another upside to working with a highly rated builder is how truly fun the homebuilding process can be: watching your vision come to life before your very eyes. That’s why building new is such a powerful thing, it let’s you create something that is truly, 100 percent yours.

There’s no better way to hear about what you can expect from the homebuilding process than by listening to someone who has experienced it. Curious about what other prospective homeowners had to say about the building process with the Jones Company? Check out these videos to hear straight from them!

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