What’s Your Home Personality?

At The Jones Company, we believe the home shopping process should be personal. So, we created the Home Personality Quiz to help you discover the Jones homes that would be best for you based on your specific needs and unique personality.

Are you famous for your flapjacks? Then let’s put a premium on getting you a cook’s kitchen. More of the man cave type? Score the space you need to watch the game and get away from it all.

So, which personality are you? Here’s a sampling of the personality profiles that might be your perfect fit:

Domestic Diva

You love whipping up a fresh and fabulous dinner that will wow your guests…or just baking a batch of your well-loved chocolate chip cookies for your family. When you spend time in your kitchen, you feel happy and at peace. From stainless steel appliances to spacious prep islands, Jones can help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

Grill Master

Charcoal or gas? Whichever your pleasure, being outside, spatula in hand, the smell of grilled meat in the air…now that’s your happy place. But you can’t put your beloved grill just anywhere. You need a patio with room to let your grill do its thing, while also providing space for your hungry friends and family. A little lighting, extra seating and some tunes are all you need to complete the perfect patio setup… and Jones has got it.

Entertainer of the Year

From couch karaoke to Super Bowl parties, your living room needs to hold an army. You’re the host with the most, and you love having your friends and family over to your home for a party. From movies to game nights, the best get-togethers start with your loved ones being comfortable in your inviting home. Partner with Jones to create a living room that’s the life of the party.

These are just a few of the many home personalities that you could be. Which profile do you fit? Take the quiz to find out, and you’ll be one step closer to finding your ideal home.